Product specification

Our products are expansion joints with a vulcanised neoprene, which is a high elastic chloroprene.
This is a high-tech synthetic rubber, which is resistant to uv, ozone and all types of pollution.
It can be used in temperatures from + 100° C to – 40° C.
The expansion joint has a proven track record for over 50 years, and can compensate for the thermal expansion of all sheet metals.
It can be installed under water and provides a waterproof joint that will not obstruct the flow of water.


We have all Qualitymanagement-System ISO 9001 and BG-Certificate QHSAS 18001:2007


The expansion of construction materials used on flat roofs, demonstrates the importance of expansion joints, particulary adjacent to sheet metal. Roof edging and flashing, connecting metal sheets, internal and external drainage pipes must be provided with an expansion joint every 6 m or so in the case of straight sections and 3 m from outer corners, in order to prevent cracks at soldered sites or in the metal itself. Simple preparation and trouble-free application help ensure sound expansion joints on the flat roof. DILAPREN compensates for expansion reliably.

Processing technology

welding, brazing, soft-soldering, rivets and soldering

Guidelines for the max. distance of expansion elements

3 m at corners and tails (from the fixing point), 6 m at inside gutters, waterproofing of flat roofs, roof edge connections, shed gutters, wall connections, 8 m at cornicecovers, wall coverings and 10 m at slope gutters